Friday, December 12, 2008


Molly was already up a height when i got her in from the field, think she'd been playing with her new friend!

covered in wet mud - well, her legs and belly - so no way that was going to dry quickly so i could get it off and then ride, so decided on groundwork again rather than nothing.

went in the small arena. over the far side of the yard beyond the muck trailer & tractor is the haylage bale area. we have a haylage bale cover. the wind was catching it - or someone was putting it back, i think - anyway, molly clocked it and it seriously spooked her, to the extent that she was really struggling to go left (which effectively, from where we were, would have her facing it!). she was paying attention to me, but at the same time was seriously concerned about what this big green bag was going to do (nohting, it's tied down, but she doesn't know that...)

so after about 10 minutes i took her in the big arena, closer to the bales, and she had a bit of a hooley about

then back in.

wind was getting up, and it was a bit chilly!

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Jean said...

Once they start spooking like that, all it does is escalate. At least you got a bit of work in, and she was trying to focus on you.

It appears winter will be erratic as usual weatherwise. Never know how it'll be from one day to the next.