Wednesday, December 24, 2008

circles - on the longlines!

we actually did a circle circle on the longlines, i was so pleased! and whilst she was mouthing the bit more than she should, she was in a really nice frame and through! all in walk. we'd done some trotting in circles as well, but i brought her back to walk for the purpose of working properly (as it's all easier at walk!!!)

then i got on - um. had to have a hand. then we did get some nice walk (but my stirrups were the wrong length). but hey, she did some nice walk ridden as well. but everyone had gone - jill stayed for 5 whilst i walked round but had to go (don't believe in being on my own, just in i didn't do much more, and she had worked hard on the longlines!

happy christmas all


minky said...

Excellent I do love longlining now!

Have a lovely Christmas:)

Jean said...

Wonderful! Every step leads to a mile at this point. I too love longlining.

Merry Christmas. May the hope, joy, peace and love of the season fill your every day.