Sunday, December 21, 2008


was re-arranged to this morning; Molly put her stress head on for a good while, which didn't help either of us! but eventually got her (and me) relaxed and got some really nice work. there was a bit of a wind blowing, so one way the wind was full in our faces and the other way right up her tail! so in the circumstances, she was pretty good. as usual, a lot of it is her resisting whatever it is - and new instructor thinks too much leg is an issue with her (could well be right) .... i was trying too hard again at the start, as well. some things to work on but still with a lot of walk. Did get some trot but couldn't keep it going. instructor got on for 10 (i take the view that instructor gets a much better idea of the horse if she rides it herself) and then i got back on again - molly behaved well for the changeovers!

I'll have another lesson in a couple of weeks, and hopefully that will make more sense than this one. (which isn't to say this one didn't make sense, but a first lesson just gives instructor a sense of us and vice versa!)

Something I should have done differently - really we needed 10 minutes walk round on a long rein to get molly unstressed before starting work, the initial stress caused by work getting her to stand still for me to get on! and to warm the saddle up...

YO was watching, i should have given her the camera but hadn't realised she was going to stay and watch until she had, too late by then - there would have been some good shots!


Jean said...

New intstructor, new start. Sounds promising.

Some horses do not like a lot of leg. Molly may be one of them.

How did the instructor ride her? Did she make comment when she was astride?

Claire said...

instructor rode her well, said she was very sensitive in the mouth and commented on how molly relaxed when i got back on, LOL.

i did say later i prefer to get Molly's head calmed down a bit and get there slowly than get after her from the off

cptrayes said...

Well we know how Jazz feels about too much leg, why not Molly too - the chestnut club???