Saturday, December 13, 2008

rain, rain, more rain, snow, rain

so no riding, of course. although I did find YO riding her horse back to her place from the yard - fond of a treat!

we went to blanchland - mother had paid for us to have a posh lunch at the Lord Crewe Arms - rather nice - but then had to rush back (people don't understand the need to get back for one's horse!)

and on the way back, the rain was turning to snow (that is quite high, and we came back through consett which is equally high) but back to rain again at home.

Molly was soaked, of course - we'd turned them out this morning anyway! - and ready for her tea.

no way i would have ridden in today's weather, and if it's like this tomorrow then the small yard show will be off....and i shan't worry about that! but i might keep her in.

fields are rice paddies again....thank goodness there's only Molly & a pony in hers!

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Jean said...

Soggy doesn't dry up well this time of year, I fear. And those rice paddies will not grow any rice in the cold. *G*

Glad you had a nice meal and got back safely despite the weather.