Wednesday, December 17, 2008

oops - forgot yesterday!

That is, forgot to post yesterday! Not like me....

I rode. for about 30 minutes. Some nice walk, and some nice trot, not necessarily getting it wholly together but it's all coming back to both of us. Finished as Molly was starting to be spooked by something - the traffic? perhaps? there's a road and junction just outside and the lights all coming down, quite busy it was, and then some idiot decided haring down the road with his horn going was a good plan. i got off and did some in hand, and then she got seriously spooked by something so stopped.

tonight, longlining - but i couldn't make the lights work, so had to stop when it got dark!

and I've been for an interview in York, but not good news as they'd misunderstood something in the conversation ... have emailed them to clear that up (in so far as the agent had the right of what the misunderstanding was!)

busy day tomorrow and lesson on Friday

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