Thursday, December 18, 2008

late night!

after busy day - starting at the doctors, then to see if i can further the thought about setting up on my own (entgirely possibly, meeting on monday) then not lunch with friend who didn't make it so back home, then out to Molly - rain and howling gale, and too dark, and waiting to see if massage person was going to be able to come earlier than she'd planned in which case i would have had molly seen too - answer, not. She hadn't got the message, apparently, so booked for next week! then out of time to ride (weather had calmed down) as had to go home for tea and then out again for some CPD training

tomorrow i am moving molly into the stable next to the one she is currently in, which floods when it rains...will keep me busy and could not have stayed at home tomorrow anyway as the electric board are switching the electricity off for the day whilst they do some work in the area.... and then assuming the weather stays fine, lesson in the afternoon..


Jean said...

Glad you are riding again.

But what a busy day. A practice on your own might work out well. Is there the potential of a lot of business around?

Hope that weather holds for the lesson. Sounds like fun and a good way to figure out what to do next with Miss Molly.

cptrayes said...

Good luck with the move! A long way to go, eh?