Saturday, December 20, 2008

the problem with christmas

is that after having done the hairdressing thing, and the Xmas shopping thing (to be fair, for my present from partner!) one then has to help partner do the outside Christmas lights in what's left of the daylight, which left no light to ride in and by then it was raining again....

consolation, this photo, taken molly's first day at the yard back in June, taken by Louise who lives next to the yard and who had forgotten she'd taken it until this week. isn't it fantastic!


Stephanie said...

That is a very good photograph - well done Louise!

Certainly one for a frame and a prominent position on display.

minky said...

Lovely pic.
Yes I know what you mean ive barely done any xmas shopping yet {gulp} not that im leaving it to the last minute or anything!

Jean said...

Ah, the nice warm weather and a sunny day! Molly looks lovely.

Then again, Christmas is special too...all the shopping, cleaning, wrapping, visiting...uhm...ah, the nice warm summer and a sunny day! *lol*