Thursday, November 01, 2007

i might regret

putting a rug on molly tonight, but i might not.

it was really warm again this morning, so she went out without, but then rained all afternoon - when i got to the yard, she was warm, and dry by then, but muddy. BUT the forecast had said it was going to get cold again, and obviously she can't keep warm in teh stable as she can't move about as much. so rug on (once i'd scraped the mud off!). but it was still warm when i left, so i hope the forecast was right or i'll have an overheated horse instead of a nicely warm one.

and it was continuing rain.

Mylers - it depends on the Myler, I think. This particular one is for a purpose, given Molly's issues. if we end up with a long term result, then probably I'll go for a dressage legal one ...this one certainly isn't that!

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Jean said...

I hate trying to decide which rug to put on my Boys. The other day they were too warm. They were back to the flysheets today and yesterday, but as I was finishing up with Tucker, a cold breeze was coming in. At least they are in the back yard, so if I change my mind when I'm home, it's no problem to go out and "change their clothes."

Wish we could just set the rugs out on a rack and let them pick what they wanted to wear and let them change at will. *sigh*