Friday, November 09, 2007

a successful day.

firstly, Simba came home - in the middle of the night - but hasn't been anywhere since, i guess he thinks that was all too much! it won't last, he loves being out. I think we'll just have to get used to the fact thatoccasionally he does vanishing acts. the trouble is, knowing whether he's just having an adventure or is run over or has found a new home, it's a worry!

secondly, a major success at work. case went to trial - a rarity in itself - on the question of whether the client had brought his case within the time allowed. A Result - yes, said the judge. that's pretty impressive for a HAVS case - usually you are landed with having to persuade the judge to disapply the period and nothing else. But he said he would have found for us on that as well. so we're well pleased about that.

Then this evening I rode. Mind, I'd had about 8 goes at getting on myself before Julie turned up to give me a hand... ggrrh.

got some nice trot. but she's not as light in the hand as she was when i first put the bit in, and she certainly doesn't do what people say horses generally do with this bit ... i.e., have the head pretty well vertical.

But it was ok, i was pleased by the finish.


cptrayes said...

Our black one disappeared for four days last year. It's such a worry, isn't it? Glad he's back.


Jean said...

Good for Simba. Outdoor cats are always a worry.

Glad you managed a ride. As Molly becomes more confident in the bit, she may "lean on it" a little. Don't confuse "light" with "correct." The horse should have some contact when it starts to work into the bit.

Muriel said...

Good News about Simba. In France we always had wild cats, so tehy came and went at will ... very feline mentality ...

I agree with Jean .. no contact is not correct. You might feel like a handshake. It is different from leaning.

I know that on EE there is a thread about no tension in the reins etc ... you do not want kg, but feeling something is not bad either.

Claire said...

jean and muriel - thanks, yes i know (unlike my teacher ....) - i did mean light given that I have contact! :-). I rather think she's just trying it out to see if she can set her jaw against it .... might be worth my whilst ringing the changes with bits, given that they are on different bridles as well