Sunday, November 04, 2007

of horses and squirrels.


First, Queen of Timber. She looks tons better than she did when I saw her last month. Maybe it was the light in the stable, maybe it was a change of coat, but I was much happier today than I was this time last month.

Apparently, she's in charge - there's no youngstock at the moment, just Queenie, a grey Julia, and a 4 year old Blue (going grey, possibly ID connemara cross).

Second, the pheasant that was terrorising me yesterday. every time i moved - into the stable, out into the yard, into the tack/feed room, there it was, virtually at my heels. Maybe it thinks it owns the yard during the afternoon? certainly a safe place to be on a saturday when they're shooting!

Very unnerving though - sometimes clucking, the next minute hissing at me, a couple of times i was sure it was going to have a go!

And this is another view of the Tees from the work carpark, with swans. this was earlier this last week.

and the squirrel? driving up to the farm where Queenie is, you go up a very quiet narrow country track between some beech and conifer woods. There's a red squirrel crossing the road. it ran into a tree and sat looking at us but by the time i got the phone camera out and sorted it had moved and I simply couldn't get it. Fantastic though, they are becoming very rare (too many greys, killing them off by passing on a disease!). I hadn't realised they were up there.


Jean said...

Pretty daring pheasant. Around here, they breed them in captivity and then put them out for hunting season. I surely don't think that's very fair if the birds think people are OK and then get shot.

Muriel said...

WOAW a RED squirrel in the UK, I thought they were extinct. We have many here. I prefer them that the grey ...

Queenie looks good. Sorry if I misunderstood, was she yours, and you retire her?