Thursday, November 22, 2007

the broken foot

regular readers will remember than in June 2006 i broke my foot and had three weeks in plaster.

Ever since, I've had pretty continuous pain - at varying levels - at the site of the break and was convinced it wasn't mended.

back in October I went to the GP and he referred me to hospital, where I went to day - orthopaedic outpatients at north tees hospital

xrays were duly taken - and guess what, it's still broken. a clear flake fracture, never got anywhere near healing.

They can't take the flake off as it has a tendon attached to it and there would be no way of getting the tendon fixed back in place, so essentially i have to live with it.

as to support, he recommended one of those support things one gets from the chemists or wherever, such as sportsmen use.

ggrrhh...might do some research on the 'net to see what comes up, but i think he's probably right, and i don't want to do anything that might make it worse. i know i'm not short of calcium, that bone builder, as i eat loads (probably too much) cheese

and as for the fall i had Monday this week - think I've done something to the left leg, particularly noticeable when I try to get up from a chair, so will have to go back to the GP for another orthopaedic referral and more xrays on that. might be just bruising, but i've a feeling not.

as for molly - the weather is no way near good enough to do anything, so again she just got fed and left. can't even groom when it's like this (dirty bits are wet as well....)

We're out tomorrow night, so we'll see what the weekend brings in terms of weather and riding possibilities.


minky said...


The weather's awfull isnt it,suposed to dry up over the weekend but get colder...hope they are right.

cptrayes said...

I'd try comfrey (known as knitbone - guess why?) and magnets. It sounds like a real problem - any chance of affording private treatment? I bet if you were David Beckham they'd find a way to reattach it!


Jean said...

Oh my! I wonder if some of the growth hormone treatments they use on horses are available for humans yet? My doctor uses the principles to regrow cartilege in my knee--my stem cells and growth hormones.

In the meantime, some good orthopedic insoles for your shoes and some kind of brace, I guess. I like Caroline's idea about the magnets. Acupuncture might be able to help too.

Sending good wishes.

Muriel said...

Yep seconding Caroline. Maybe a trip to a French causalty won't be a bad idea. Next time you go on holiday, go to France, then go to the emergency, saying that your foot hurt after a fall. If they find the old fracture, you can alwayssay the truth that you hurt yourself in october 2006. I would be interested in their diagnostic.

Comphrey and magnets !!! good point to start!