Thursday, November 08, 2007


bear in mind that there are no security lights in the yard - the only lights are when people turn them on, and of course we all turn them off as we leave.

so i got in the car and julie turned the yard light off - i started backing up before turning round to go. i was only going to go the edge of the wall (can't see if anything's coming through it whatever the conditions. someone thought i was going to back into their horse (which i couldn't see, as it was dark with a dark rug and h/she was in dark clothing). Oops. I wasn't, but they didn't know that... but i really couldn't see anything behind me.

but i guess i'll be consequentially unpopular.

julie said apparently someone nearly drove into another horse this morning.

guess we need to see YM about some proper security lights...

and it was very very cold and very very windy. So molly got extra haylage and her tea, which was all she wanted, and that's her tucked up.

apparently another friend has gone to YHL at Stoneleigh - jealous, moi?

and i finally got insurance sorted for the wagon, so need to see partner about going down to get it, and need to ring man who's going to sort the ramp, as it will have to be picked up and taken straight there....probably. makes sense to me, anyway. the alternative is pick it up one weekend and take it to tow law the next, either way, partner needs to be about to drive the car...


Jean said...

Two options for the lights I can think of. One would be some kind of smaller light set up with a motion sensor so it comes on when something moves near it and goes off on its own.

The second would be a timer switch that sets the lights for a certain amount of time then shuts them off. At least one light for safety could be set to go off a few minutes after the last person leaves the stable.

I have a security light of low wattage--a flourescent bulb--that goes on at dark, stays on all night and shuts off in the AM. This is under the overhang by the door to my tackroom so the way to the barn always has a little light.

Sounds to me as if the darkness could be pretty dangerous around there if horses and cars can be in the same places.

Nuisance this time of year when it gets dark so early. I am already eager for spring and winter hasn't even started!

minky said...

I hate dark nights the days are just too short!

Any news on the cat??