Saturday, November 17, 2007


The reiki, that is. The person could tell where molly's off hind had been injured in the various places - more interesting, she asked about the near hind above the hock. I'm not aware of any injury there, but who knows?

molly was very good. took the off hind away a couple of times, but that was all.

I didn't do anything else with her at all today, planning to ride in the morning unless it rains. I thought (and reiki person agreed) it was probably as well just to let her be. She thought it would be interesting to know what reaction a Reiki master would have/molly would have to same (person is level 2, not planning on going further with it).

went and bought plants though; dwarf conifers I'm seeking for one side of new rockery, also bought some new raspberry canes. must get some rotted stuff off the muck heap man suggested he'd get his trailer emptied and fetch that down, otherwise its plastic bags in the car, not clever!

I should really post photos of what's happening in our back yard -- it's having a makeover of major proportions. when it's done, i'll post a before and after. new shed was put up yesterday (the old one was falling down, having been backed into several times by the coalman over the years (people in this street still get coal delivered....)


Jean said...

It will be interesting to see if the reiki changes Molly.

Good for you about the yard. Nothing like a nice landscape makeover. Of course, with their big hoofprints, my horses just madeover my backyard, so I guess I have some tending to do myself. *G*

Looking forward to the pictures. It really does sound lovely.

cptrayes said...

If it isn't raining tomorrow? Have you SEEN the forecast? It's SNOW for us!!!


cptrayes said...

Snow arrived!