Sunday, April 11, 2010

wither rub and arena work

i actually noticed the wither rub last night, but had so much else to say forgot to mention it. I reckon it's the new lightweight rug i bought her ... can't be anything else, as she's never had a rub there before. drat.

Anyway, arena today - gaynor's OH still on call..

we need a lesson fairly soon, is the lesson i took from that.

having said that i remembered what RI said when she first started working with us over a year ago, and pushed Molly on in the walk on a long rein and then gradually took back the contact

kept the inside rein wide to the inside, and remembered about keeping it against the neck on the outside, on circles.

by the end of 40 minutes, we had something a lot better than we started with!

we had also (well, i had also) remembered rein back, and Molly did to, so that was the good note to end on.

and I was VERY pleased to be able to wear a watch for the first time in i can't remember how long - my previous watch broke (smashed the glass) and i'd bought another but developed an allergy to the buckle (i can't wear the metal of a watch next to my skin); had been intending to take it to watch shop for ages to have my leather strap from original watch (that i'd bought separately anyway) put on the new watch; it randomly ended up in my pocket yesterday (had planned i might have taken a trip after wrestling with hay...) and today sitting in gaynors looking at hers, got mine out - and she sorted it for me. YAY. she seems to have the knack for that type of thing. i couldn't even see how you could do it.

i will now know how long i've been working molly for instead of guessing (the alternative being to take the phone out and unlock it and try to see what it says whilst trying to prevent the light reflecting back off the screen)

So i knew i'd done 40 minutes!

oh, and Gaynor's OH kindly lent me a spare monitor he had (he's a computer person) to try, as i was sure mine was dying but we didn't want me to spend money on new monitor if the problem in fact lay elsewhere...

it was, as i'd suspected, my monitor that was dying, so that's more money to spend.

shoudl go off to eBay, but not sure i can wait for delivery...

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Jean said...

Glad you managed a ride. It seems you remembered the good stuff from your last lessons too! Good job. It will take a bit of time to get Molly going again, but you've started off on the right foot with this ride.