Tuesday, April 06, 2010

got on my horse!!!!

the wind had dropped; it had served it's purpose by drying the ground up. I had time. I had no rain. I had a calm horse (once Charlie came back, he'd been taken on a hack!)

So, into the field with the mounting block, this time tacked up.

some circling - that she couldn't be bothered with LOL - some go back, forward, etc

and to the mounting block

stood like a lamb

put the reins on, changed from teh 12 foot line to lead rope, back to the mounting bock, still stood like a lamb

took her away again, checked the saddle/girth, back to the mounting block, up, on, not a twitch

do you think we might have cracked it after the winter off?

i don't suppose so, but i was very pleased with that.

then did 10 minutes or so walking round, circles, so on nothing exciting as it's a long time since we've done anything (that hack out to harbour house earlier in the year don't count), nothing to get either of us worked up, and then off again.


hopefully the weather stays good. i'll intersperse ground work (lunging/longlining) with mounting practice and riding and see how we go. if our field stays as it is now, i shan't need to go over to the arena...

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