Thursday, April 15, 2010

and a river runs by it..

this evening we walked along to look at what we've been offered for a summer field (where we can do full turnout).


it's huge.
the grass is good
there's water
it's a good 10 minute walk each way

the disadvantages

it's huge
the grass is good
it's on a hill (flat at the bottom, but a nice incline after that)
the water supply is - the River Wear!
it's a good 10 minutes walk each way
oh, and people have been riding through it when they aren't actually allowed to!

not sure what to do.

Molly was lame living on the hill at blackdene last year. BUT she's now on supplements for that.

the river - flooded last year, and left a load of crap in the field. some dead tins, stuff like that...

teh gates can be padlocked, so that's not a problem

the access to the river is a sandy bank down to a gravel beach. a shade steep (well, for me!) but shold be ok.

BUT molly may not want to do it.

so we'll have to think.

we really do need to rest ours, which is small. having said which, the grazing on it is poor enough to be good for them!

anyway, after all that (and we walked all round the field as well!) i didn't ride....lunged her instead!

and gaynor has just texted to say the rugs are back on - it's down to 4 degrees C


Di said...

It sounds like you might have a good solution Claire although I would worry about this.

Claire said "oh, and people have been riding through it when they aren't actually allowed to!"

Jean said...

Wow, hard decision. How often is the river likely to flood? Can you take Molly there now to see if she would go to the rive to drink?
Do you want the grass? I guess you've asked yourself all the same questions.

Seems as if you have a lot to think about, that's for sure. Good luck no matter what you decide.

Claire said...

we will chain the gates...

Foody said...

I have my ponies on a slope but it's OK because two legs are shorter than the other two.Easier for getting on and off.
C'mon, lock the gate and keep 'em tresspassers out. Grrrr!!!
I walk about 7 minutes each way (uphill on way there)to my ponies, pulling feed and tack in a pull-along wheelbarrow - a Haemmerlin trolley, to be precise. It's great. Once you get going it's quite enjoyable.
Flood and debris doesn't sound too good though.