Saturday, April 17, 2010

a ride out! :-)

Gaynor had childcare sorted, and we planned an evening ride - at 6 pm, when everything is a lot quieter - went up the park from the stables, a steep climb through the new born lambs (two VERY new, looked like todays..) then left along the harbour house drive, through the gate, along to the road, left along that and left down cocken lane and so back .. probably no more than about 1/2 hour, all in walk, of course! but very pleased all round (with both molly & Charlie)

Got on in the field - to keep the routine and avoid any possible issues - that was fine again

she might have done our first gate immediately outside the stables, but Charlie's nose up her bum put us off that one!

no prospect of her doing the next one - not sure why she "blocked" but she did so Charlie went on ahead to do that...

She'd led most of this, and continued to lead for a bit longer - a half "block" some way along the road, and then another one ..... charlie ahead again!

but no setting

and we were both doing something else right, in that i turned her to stand whilst Gaynor & Charlie were closing gates behind us. when in the past she's set her jaw and it's been a struggle to get her back (which of course causes problems for gaynor, as charlie wants to follow!)

only possible issue was going down the hill to home when two motorcylists appeared coming the other way and about to come really fast - the saw us, and slowed right down, and the cahp at the back nearly got rear ended by the car behind him.

generally find motorcyclists are quite good, they being in the same boat as us for being invisible to car drivers

on the subject of which - what is it about drivers that they think they can see round a blind bend? when they can't? they really shouldn't pass us on our bends, even though we are going a lot slower, but they do...

and so one back,

we were both happy, neither horse did anything much wrong, both stayed nice and calm (even molly's "blocks" were calm ones, LOL) and i'd forgotten to give her the calmers i'd bought ...

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Jean said...

Great day out, then. Every ride and workout you've managed lately seem to be making great progress.

The lambs must be adorable. I have a feeling, however, that my horses, having never seen such creatures, would consider them "most dangerous." *G*