Saturday, April 10, 2010

this mounting malarkey

appears to be becoming much less stressful....i walked her up to the mounting block and got straight on, she didn't twitch.


hope that continues.

i think, even if we do go out for a hack, i ought to continue mounting in the field for a while and then ride back out...

anyway, didn't get a hack today, despite the glorious weather - not prepared to try her out on her own, yet! - and Gaynor's OH was on call, and was called out, so she couldn't leave the premises (2 small children).

So rode round our field for about 1/2 hour (must get a watch ...) practising circles, stop, start, directionality (i'm not good at that in a wide open space, LOL) and so on, not totally successfully as the shims had slipped... tried a bit of trot as well ... eventually she said she'd done enough, and TBF she had bearing in mind how little she's been ridden since october - this was the 2nd time on since the winter ended, i think?

hopefully we'll ride out tomorrow, depending on gaynor's oh's work...

the promised hay didn't arrive. apparently, the farmer the chap had bought it from had to reduce it from big bale to small bale, and hadn't done that yet. but he didn't even deliver the shavings. my phone wouldn't make outgoing calls all morning (a network issue, i've whinged at them ) and eventually i borrowed gaynor's to ring him... we had to go over to get her one bag of shavings to keep her going, and then went and begged another man to sell me one bale of hay (otherwise i didn't have enough for tomorrow night). that was a struggle, he really didn't want to sell me it, but did (when we were able to point out that most of his usual customers could now have their horses out 24/7, and are doing so, where we can't). I didn't ask for my change, though...

and the original plan had involved getting my hair done, so that didn't happen... and partner was supposed to rearrange my appointment, but had forgotten she was supposed to do that, and came home worrying that i was ok

the hay is now promised for Monday, along with the shavings.

only one good deal for the day ... not that i was in the market for jackets, but a buy 2 for the price of one on saxon blouson fleece lined jackets was not to be missed, £35 for two and they're ok (one for me, one for partner)

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Jean said...

The day isn't all bad when you can shop for a bargain like that!!

Otherwise, bummer about the hay and bedding. People who do not own horses just don't quite understand the urgency of deliveries. Hope it's all ready and arrived Monday as planned.