Thursday, April 22, 2010

well that was pointless

did wonder when she wouldn't have the bit in again (and it was clean) - eventually gaynor came and did that - even treats weren't doing it!

anyway, tacked up and thought i'd go over to the arena. first off, she didn't even want to set off (led!)

very slow going over

got there and someone was half way through a lesson...stood and talked to an aquaintance then went to watch

molly quite happy stanidng watching, then just before they finished someting spooked her and she grew herself a couple of hands...

went in and had to circle her round before i got on, and when i did get on i nearly came off the side again as she set off in fast walk, oops

she decided she didn't like the top end of hte arena where we went in, something in the field next to it (which only has grass in it, go figure!) i think...

and would she stop whilst i did a stirrup? no.

i gave up after about 10/15 minutes, it was clearly going to be pointless, and in effective with one stirrup longer than t/other!


bitless in our field tomorrow, possibly...

trimmer came at lunchtime; at some point in the previous 6 weeks she's blown an abcess that hadn't made her lame! doh. fine, happily, but i would never have known... must buy stiff wire brush!


Danni said...

Some days are just like that :( Hope she's feeling much more co-operative tomorrow. Bitless sounds like a good experiment.

Jean said...

Kind of a frustrating day. Strange about the abscesses too. Not exactly the kind of thing you'd expect.

Hope the new modem does the trick. Erratic Internet is almost as bad as no Internet at all...sometimes even worse and it "tricks" you into thinking it's going to be just fine and then....poof!