Saturday, April 24, 2010

lambs and birds

this morning, gaynor watched a lamb being born just over the fence from our stables - this is it at about 3 hours old

and tonight, this bird decided that trying to get into our front room was a plan - very odd! i hope it stopped once i turned the light off

and Molly?

i lunged. For a mare that used to never go right rein, and still sometimes challenges when asked to go that way, she was going very nicely, very even paces, and listening to me. amazing. We had thought we might ride, but Gaynor's OH wasn't back, and i need to ride molly bitless and haven't done that for a while so need to get back into that within a confined space....and by the time we'd sat about drinking tea for a while... well, lunging was a plan, LOL. probably a good idea after thursday to go back to that...


Jean said...

Wonder what in the world that little bird was thinking? Sunshine inside??

Good for Molly with lungeing on the right rein. I can remember how impossible it was for you when I first started reading this blog. I'll be interested to hear how she goes in the bitless.

Mary Lou said...

Molly must be comfortable and confident on the right rein. Didn't you start devils claw 6 or so months ago? Maybe that's it. I think that it's usually physical problems that cause "misbehavior". I have just started stretching Tetley after I ride, on the ground. I hold a carrot parallel to where about my foot would be, maybe a little lower, about a foot away from his side and ask him to stretch to it. Then I hold one between his front legs. Supposedly that helps them to become more flexible. It is an exercise most enthusiastically received!

Do you have a lamp by your front door? Once we had a bird build a nest just on the light outside of our front door. We had to use another door for a while.

Danni said...

Fab photos! And there's nothing quite like a wasted day at the yard drinking tea :)