Tuesday, April 20, 2010

internet problems

i changed ISP and phone provider last friday; have had internet problems since Sunday on and off - rang them sunday, sorted.... it gave up this afternoon and not been cured yet.. they said, check the settings within my modem! pshaw. if it worked already, it works..

a weird problem - i am connected, but no web pages and no email... go figure.

so, i plugged the broadband dongle into the pc, not expecting it to get a signal, and here we are. (for any americans out there... mobile broadband through a wireless signal into a thing that looks like a usb drive but larger...)

Molly? did some groundwork in the field. I was cold, and dispirited, and nearly didn't do anything but doing something cheered me up vaguely...

the weather is not warm ... the other reason to wish for a change of wind direction is to warm us all up, as well as to enable that ash cloud to disperse so all those people can get to where they are going.

i was thinking about that today ... when i was little, no one flew anywhere; no one really went anywhere much in the scale of things ... and now people fly all round the world without a second thought

horse and cart anyone?

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Jean said...

Raining here, but I do have Internet. Bless my cable company for being good about keeping me connected.

I hate dealing with the "techies" as they try to walk you through a connection check, etc...usually asking you to do all the same troubleshooting steps you already took on your own.

Glad you got to work Molly a bit. It does cheer things up.