Thursday, April 08, 2010

in hand....first for a while

after a massage, which she also hasn't had a for a while (got it out last night, but battery was flat) - and that results in economical use of time, poo pick whilst she has her massage, perfect

so we pretty much remembered what we were doing with the in hand work, but i can only keep it going so long due to the need to twist the body slightly ...then went to Trudi's way of doing it, which has the major advantage of not hurting the neck!

Gaynor had been watching from the house and hasn't seen that done before so didn't know what i was doing, but thought Molly looked as though she was working well, which I'd thought too so nice to have that confirmed..

and thankfully I've found some hay! rang the only remaining local chap yesterday, who coincidentally was going to look at some yesterday, so rang him back this morning and he's delivering saturday. phew.

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Jean said...

What a relief about the hay. Getting the feed for the horses is always a worry. Glad you found the hay you needed.