Wednesday, April 21, 2010


but i wish that wind would change direction! cold!

Molly wasn't wonderfully co-operative - didn't want to take the bit, that took me 5 minutes - annoying as we haven't had a particular problem with that for a while! and then took ages to get anything sensible, but did get some nice trot ... i really should have gone over to the arena, i think!

and then should, really, have joined a lady from other yard who rode past...but didn't. will next time!

and have now changed the modem to the one supplied, and (fingers crossed) so far so good! so there may well have been some issue with the original modem. seems a lot never know, jean, i may be able to get your blog to work for me all the time LOL


trudi said...

Do you have probs with Jeans blog too? I haven't tried in a while but tried a couple of times before and it froze my computer, which is a bit of a pain.
Hope things warm up weather wise.

Claire said...

yup. glad i'm not the only one! it sort of hangs, and if it hangs, blogger hangs and i have to go away and do something else! very strange. doesn't crash the PC though (touch wood).