Tuesday, April 06, 2010

planning? what planning?

we'd spent the week forgetting that yesterday was a bank holiday and that it was, therefore, unlikely that our usual monday delivery would appear. and of course, it didn't, as we found out on sunday afternoon ... ooops. not assisted by being deceived into thinking that there was enough, the pile wasn't as big as it looked to be..

so after the usual monday opening stores didn't have any haylage, we ended up down at harbour house to try and borrow some... did get some, but time i'd gone back, collected it, etc, it was far too late to do anything with molly

having said that, i'd said to Gaynor that i wanted to put her back onto hay anyway, even though it means soaking it...she'll eat less of it, which will be good for her and, yay, when i went down this morning there was a little left

so whilst soaking hay is a pain, and TBH i wouldn't have wanted to do it through that freeze of a winter we've just had, it is the way forward.


Jean said...

Such a chore to scramble about trying to get feed for the horses when you need it, despite trying to plan ahead. It's such a responsibility.

Glad Molly ate her hay and left some. Good girl to know when to stop.

Claire said...

that was why i wanted to go back to hay, jean, from haylage - she's forgotten where to stop with the tasty stuff!