Wednesday, April 14, 2010

a spectator

was just what i needed to give me that extra confidence boost to work through into a nice trot...

Riding in our field.

Molly was a total star about mounting - there were two horses going past at the moment i was going to get on - we both knew they were there, of course! - and she didn't move a muscle.

i have to say i think we're making real progress on that front

anyway, walked right round field both reins, pushed her into contact, did some serpentines/circles; practiced halts from seat and that's getting better - save that she moved off when i wanted her to stand whilst i took the left stirrup up one (it has to be a hole longer for mounting than i need to ride, and of course, on dressage leathers it's a bit tricky - nearly lost the entire stirrup off the leather!)

anyway, Gaynor came out after a while, at which juncture M was starting to argue with me, and that gave me the confidence boost i need to work her through that.. so we got some nice trot both reins, and finished with a really nice circle with the trot really moving forward, and the halt from that was good as well.

only 20 minutes all told, but as i said, we're reminding ourselves of where we were at the end of last summer and getting it back relatively quickly in the scale of things!

and, thank goodness, the hay delivery arrived not long after I did, so relieved as i had a fraction less than i really needed for tonight! phew.


Di said...

Great, sounds like a good session Claire.

Jean said...

Wow, when things work out well, they really work out well. Good for Molly to stand like that, and good for you to work her through to a good trot after her little protest.

And the hay's arrival was the perfect topping to the day. Three cheers at last.

trudi said...

Great you have the mounting sorted and definitely helps raise your game with a spectator on hand.