Monday, April 12, 2010

timed lunging...

a benefit of having my watch back - i knew how long i'd lunged each rein.

i always like to do 10 minutes each rein, 5 with side reins, 5 without, but had been guessing wihtout a watch

and she worked nicely until the last 5 (which was without side reins and on her lest preferred right rein!) when she challenged me a couple of times and then tried to canter - well, did canter! - when all i wanted was trot, but at least she went, and i got her back to trot.

i didn't want canter because

a. it wasn't what i wanted
b. the ground is like bell metal

(hadn't gone over to the arena, road a shade busy!)

but overall pleased.


Danni said...

Glad you have a watch again, and sounds like a good session :)

Jean said...

A watch can be a blessing and a curse. Just don't become its slave. If you've done good work in three minutes and two more will spoil things, it's better to quit while you are ahead.

Claire said...

aye - but still better than guessing, jean, especially when you've otherwise no idea what time it is ...