Friday, September 18, 2009

what shall I do tomorrow?

lunge or longline? those are the choices ... or perhaps a bit of rope circling?  i think not that, a shade too small a circle..

i think, longline in the arena, and think about possibly going round the 20 acre...i think lunging on the circle i'll have might be a bit much unless it's walk only

anyway, certain it is that, subject to it not teeming down of course, Molly will do SOME work tomorrow.

my plan is a week of ground work of various sorts before getting back on again the following weekend... see if the shoulder is right for work before i get on, and groundwork will help me see that...


trudi said...

hope getting back to work goes well for you.

Di said...

Seems you've got good plans Claire!
I could do with some of your motivation. LOL