Thursday, September 10, 2009


Molly's at that difficult point where you're not sure if it's improving or not. sometimes looks a bit stiff on that shoulder (and still finding turns not easy) but sometimes moving out quite nicely.

and of course, the Bute is killing the pain, which means one doesn't really have a true picture, IMHO.

ah well.

another £12 on haylage today, plus bag of feed as delivery finally arrived at retailers (there's only one place in the area does the particular feed i feed her!).


Jean said...

Oh, I have to keep on top of my feed supplier too now that I've switched. They don't always have what I feed in stock, but they do get weekly deliveries, so I just make sure I call a week ahead.

You are right, the bute does hide a lot of soreness. It's hard to tell just how lame she really is. But it does seem the rest is doing her some good.

Danni said...

So tricky to tell when they're stable-stiff isn't it? Sounds like you'll probably end up going the diagnosis route? It's a pain in terms of time, stress and money but worth it for peace of mind!

You're more organised than me on the feed front, I can barely remember where I leave my housekeys, never mind plan more than a few minutes ahead!