Saturday, September 12, 2009


was the job for the day - up to stanley to get 4 bales of farm grown into the car! cheaper and larger than branded stuff, and its always been good quality from there. shame i don't have a trailer, but have asked a friend if she can take me up and then i can get stocked up for a while. if i could get one of his large ones, i would, but there's no way it would be able to be put into the area i have for storage - they are large, oblong, and hold the equivalent of 8 small ones, and of course work out cheaper.

molly still showing improvement. Tomorrow will be interesting as she won't be in the bull pen, so it'll be interesting to see if she shows any sign of stiffening up in consequence of having less space to move around.

although having said that, i'm not sure how much moving about she's been doing - when i got there today, she was in the stable sheltering from the heat (it's a suntrap in front of our stables, and in the heat we've had the last couple of days, roasting..)


Jean said...

The heat might actually be good for her.

Those huge bales are tempting...we have some BIG regular hay bales around here too...but how do you handle them and, as you say, how do you store them? I don't have enough room either.

Though, they say one of the big round bales out in the field would be just fine over time.

Danni said...

It has been scorching these past few days :)

I'm glad Molly continues to improve, tomorrow should be very telling. I hope total confinement won't make her too sore. This whole box rest thing is very stressful!

Mary Lou said...

I agree, better heat than cold for soft tissue injuries. It will be cool soon enough.

It's very encouraging that Molly is improving. Hope it continues.