Friday, September 04, 2009

it's a shoulder/elbow injury

co-incidentally, one of the best vets in the county was at the yard when i arrived tonight (seeing to friends horse's eye infection, usual fly borne thing)(and i've met him several times over the years!), so i cheekily asked if he could spare 10 and have a quick look.

he agreed immediately it wasn't foot, and after seeing her trot up (reluctantly, she wasn't sound tonight) said she was rotating the leg out therefore looking like top of leg shoulder area.

she clearly was unhappy uncomfortable with the examination at the top of that leg.

so we're hoping it's just a kicked muscle ... 10 days, and if it's not right she should have an x-ray to exclude fracture of the elbow. I think he'd really like her on box rest... i'll see how she does. they're pretty settled at the moment now i think, but a new horse arrives a week monday.


Jean said...

Might well have been a kick, then, or a collision. Would something like MSM help a little?

Some gentle massage might be good too, provided it doesn't make her too uncomfortable. Poor girl.

Just another one of those setbacks on the riding path, I guess. Hope she feels better soon.

What a nice vet to take the time to help you out. He really cares about horses. Lucky happenstance.

Kate said...

How nice that you got a good look-see. With luck she'll improve with rest.

Danni said...

Unexplained lameness is so stressful, hope you've managed to narrow this one down a little more.

Fingers crossed that rest and massage aid the recovery of what I hope is just a soft tissue injury! I'm sure Molly's fed up too!

Mary Lou said...

How lucky that a good vet was there. It seems unlikely to me that it would be other than a soft tissue injury if she would even trot at all. Good time to tend to other things like deep grooming (not on that shoulder), mane pulling etc