Sunday, September 06, 2009

her day in and my new fridge...

Molly was still well lame this morning, i put her in jackie's front yard area whilst i mucked out etc, that's two boxes along, an old bull pen, and she struggled to get there....then took her to leg stretch a little way up the yard (as far as the muck heap, which is about 100 yards? i dunno... and she was struggling, but enjoyed the thistles!

this evening she was much improved, in that when i took her out for some grass she was moving a lot better and on a mission a bit to get round to the field gate LOL

I think i will still ring the vet in the morning though - wonder if they have a portable xray machine?

And fridge/freezer? when i got back from the morning chores, opened the freezer to get something out to thaw out for tea... and the stuff in the top drawer was thawed out. Oops. so this afternoon had to go buy new one (old one at LEAST 10 years old...)

so pulledinto parking space and bloke in next car, on passenger side, said to partner "did you see how close you pulled in?" Eh? i was in the parking space, within the lines, don't see what his problem was. very bizarre.

in the meantime, this morning after breakfast i pulled half the potato crop up. it's currently drying in the dark and to be bagged in used feed bags, more next weekend.

and home grown corn on the cob for tea, yummy.


Nicola said...

Fingers crossed Molly's on the mend,the box rest seems to be helping at least?
Im sure they do have portable Xray machines Claire?

Danni said...

Poor Molly, I too have all crossed for tomorrow, and do hope the rest is helping whatever the problem is.

Jean said...

All my vets over the years have had portable xray machines. I am not sure, though, if they can get a good picture of her shoulder with one. Where would they put the plate?

From your description of how lame she was earlier in the day, I think calling the vet out would be a good idea.

Sorry about the fridge, but sometimes things mechanical just give up the ghost. I guess it was time.