Monday, September 07, 2009

box rest, bute and walk out in hand

and if she's still not right by next monday, ring them and she'll need to go in for xray and ultrasound.

and in the meantime walk out in hand 10/15 mins 2/3 times a day.

shoulder, definitely - it's a question of which bit is hurt, and how severely. not helped, of course, by having been lunged last Tuesday and ridden last Wednesday (but could see why i did, given that she'd been apparently sound)

so this'll be a not much to report week!


Di said...

Fingers crossed Claire, I hope she improves quickly.

Jean said...

Ok, sounds like a plan. I guess the portable machines won't work for her problem.

Hopefully she will not need any further treatment beyond the rest and bute.

Poor girl. I hate it when my horse is hurting. Please give her a hug from me.

Claire said...

thanks all; forgot to ask about portable xray, but if it'll be ultrasound as well ...anyway, hopefully won't come to that. trouble is, the bute will disguise anything anyway, i expect!

Danni said...

I think Danilon, in addition to relieving pain, can reduce inflammation? Bute is just a painkiller isn't it? Just a thought if it is a soft tissue injury :)

Hope the rest helps her, all is crossed :)