Sunday, September 20, 2009

i'll get fit

if i keep this up LOL

today we went down the hill and longlined roundthe 20 acre and back along the track.  I led her down the hill, as I wasn't sure about the very narrow track to get down to it - they've fenced off part of what is usually a wide track with electric wire, not sure if it's on, probably not, but it leaves a narrow gap to walk down, and then to get into the 20 acre there's a gate and i'm never sure if it's going to be open or closed.  so the plan was to start the longlining once through that gate.

as it happened, i was pleased i'd led down, as, as we got to the gate, there were 2 horses being cantered towards us ... and the lady in front was struggling with brakes!  happily all ok, molly didn't fret about it and we set off in good style.

and half way round she suddenly went left in front of me to take a different line, whilst still going straight on, and i couldn't understand that .. someone had left a white tub in the middle of the track. probably the gamekeeper, it looked like something he'd have kept pheasant feed in, but silly place to leave it.

when we got back to the track, molly wanted to trot up, but i'm no way fit for that!

and when we got back i made her go through to the arena area, i don't want her in the habit of napping to the stable just because we've got back to the yard, and she was ok with that.

tomorrow i think i'll try lunging, means i can actually look at the shoulder! 

edited to add: this was AFTER we'd had a blackberry picking walk this morning, and it was a gorgeously hot day..


Di said...

It sounds like she's really taken to the longlining. Yes you will get fit, I should do it myself. ;-)

Danni said...

It is a wonderful way to get fit and spend time with your horse. Lunging tomorrow sounds like a good plan, sounds like she's feeling a lot better anyway :)

trudi said...

sounds like things qre going well, great stuff. yeah Di, when are you going to start, lol.

Jean said...

I am worn out just reading your post. Then again, my knees would never make that hike.

Molly used some common sense about that tub. She didn't get all upset and just went around. That's a good sign.

Kate said...

Good stuff - quite a bit of exercise for you both!

Di said...

Hee hee, can't see it happening Trudi, you know my thoughts on walking!!