Wednesday, September 09, 2009

pedro almodovar

is a very good director and if any of you get a chance to see one of his films, take it.


had her massage this morning after her walk out and whilst i was mucking out. then had another groom this afternoon before i went to the pictures....

TBH, if our friend hadn't already bought the tickets, i think we'd have cried off, but it was a good film!

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Jean said...

Claire, saw your question on my blog. "Legging up" a horse refers to conditioning him or getting him fit. I think the term started on the racetracks, but when I did a Google search "legging up" +horse I see references from all over the place.

"Leg up" also means getting help mounting and Jockeys...also at the track...get a leg up into the saddle.

Go figure.

Sounds like Molly had a good day with some nice pampering. *S*