Saturday, September 19, 2009

as suggested yesterday

I longlined.

started in the arena walking round both directions.

then put her on a circle round me still in walk; left rein ok, but i wasn't wholly convinced by right rein.

then decided to go out!

back through the yard, prevented her napping back into the stable, through the opening out to the drive and then to go under her bogy willow to the back drive and along to the ford.

she really didn't want to go under the willow!  took me 2 goes, first time she turned round back towards the yard so i had to turn her back and we did get it.  i was very pleased with both of us.  me for having the control to do that, her for doing it.

my thinking - having been reading larri's blog, where she's starting a youngster - is that if i can get her longlining out nicely in front of me, which puts her in the lead, then when i come to start trying to hack out again it SHOULD be a lot easier to get her to go these routes she hasn't wanted to.

this was all bitless; i decided that if we did have a problem, i didn't want to end up with her cutting her mouth as happened once a couple of years ago when everything went totally pearshaped one day.  i'm better at it now, but i think longlining we are better without a bit generally at the moment.

when i got back, saddle agent was there - new livery on the yard has 2 fhoenix's she wanted the fit checking on her horses so had arranged visit for today,  so i spent the rest of the afternoon helping with that (and learning some more ont he subject as well!).

Then i asked agent to have a quick look at Moll, lady does equine massage etc as well, she was very impressed with how much muscle molly has built up and the way the atrophy she had had is filling in.. we think i can get rid of at least one thin shim.  and she suggested a rearrangement of my shimming  .. it was an "of course, doh" suggestion that i should have registered myself!  she says molly's the worst she's had to fit, and that'll be right...between the asymmetry and the TB withers, not easy!

happily the weather was great. 


Jean said...

Good idea, well executed. Not sure if the long lining will make her bold, but it certainly sounds like a super plan. I would think she would feel more comfortable if she has been out there in front of you like that.

Good news too about her back muscles. Nice to know you are making progress, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I like long-lining too to increase the horse's confidence, and to experience new things, and like you, I prefer to do it bitless - less risk, as you say. Nice that it worked out so well!