Tuesday, September 15, 2009

still fine..

but i am going to hold to the plan of giving her this full week! before starting some ground work/lunging before riding again.

it's a shame; i'd been hoping to have cracked the going out alone malarkey before the nights totally draw in, but it looks like i'll have missed that opportunity! ah well.


Jean said...

Better wait than never....*G* I think you are wise to take time with Molly's injury. The last thing you want to do is aggravate it.

I am sure you will work something out with the leaving the yard issue. Just be patient, as hard is it may be.

Mary Lou said...

I totally agree with keeping to the week off. It's so tempting to cut it short. Maybe it would have been ok but even if she is better a few more days won't hurt.

As for taking her out alone, maybe it could be like an easter egg hunt; Molly might find a carrot stuck in a tree or two. That might change her mind.

trudi said...

Good news that things are moving in the right direction but agreed, no point rushing.