Thursday, September 03, 2009

i'm sure it's not the foot

if it was the foot, she wouldn't be nearly so happy to step down into the stable, with the offending limb being first to touch down; and i wouldn't be able to pick her feet out with the ease with which I now can! or it was a bit of a bruise from standing on a stone. hell,you can wind yourself in knots with these things!

so on balance, i'm in favour of muscles being the problem, or some sort of bruising from a kick further up, that i hadn't given her enough time to recover from the in the first place...

anyway, she seemed somewhat better when i walked her in today. Not that i did anything with her, just groomed, picked feet out, fed and turned out again. tomorrow if the weather's ok, i'll try a free school in the arena and see what she's like.

i'm restraining myself from rugging, as she is warm, and she's the sort that, if rugged, will overheat. plus she's now overweight, and becoming hairy as winter coat starts to come in.

i think she's winding herself up to want to be in , but she's staying out as long as possible (we have to have them in overnight by the end of october, no later, yard rules). anyway, i reckon the weather will improve again, it is after all only the beginning of september!

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Jean said...

Could she have been kicked somewhere? Hopefully, will clear up quickly and she will be sound again.

We are having lovely weather here for a change. Maybe it will cross the ocean in a day or so and get to you.