Monday, April 27, 2009

she's out

in the rain but she didn't care - GRASS!!!!

not as much running around as i thought. after 10 minutes i left them to it and went to muck out ... heard one bellow (I can hear but not see the field, it's the other side of the trees that form the view from molly's stable door!) and then nothing - they are all too busy eating.

rugless, but there's plenty shelter under the trees if she wants it, and it's not cold.

so i'm not planning on going back until tomorrow teatime - first time since early september i've been able to have a lie in (not that i WILL, i don't do them... but nice to know i could if i wanted!)


Anonymous said...

Introductions always go better with grass - everyone's too busy eating to worry about herd stuff. Glad she's enjoying her new place.

Claire said...

hope so kate!

trudi said...

haha, yes I'm with you on the lie in Claire. Not that I do but it would be nice to know I could.

Danni said...

Great to hear Molly is settling in :)

Even if you don't have a lie-in, having the morning to potter is always a treat!

Jean said...

Great news. The grass is a true incentive to good social outings. *G*

Well fed horses generally seem to get along better anyhow. When there's no competition for food, they don't tend to argue about things, I guess.

How nice not to have to worry about Molly in the morning. Sleep for at least five extra minutes anyhow! *G*