Tuesday, April 21, 2009

a picture of concentration

molly eating grass in the quarantine paddock, which has more grass than the winter field she was in, and which she has all to herself...

From Molly - Bitless, Barefoot, Treefree
From Molly - Bitless, Barefoot, Treefree

and work?

well, for one thing, I CANNOT do in hand work for more than a couple of circuits on each rein - that is because the need for the body to face the horse, whilst the face looks where one is going (whilst also looking at the horse, yet!), results in pain in the neck .... shame.

lunging (i was planning on doing both anyway) was half successful and half not - in that she didn't realy want to do much, and we couldn't get canter, but when she did move, she was looking good.

as for yesterday - i don't think it's a success to have to get off and lead back into the large arena...

and i haven't put the video from saturday on the pc yet, no time - and spent about 4 hours today wasting time with software support people... they've zipped a copy of the stuff to themselves to look at the code! did i want to do any work?


Jean said...

Ouch, neck bothering you that much? You need some therapy. If you were here I'd send you to my chiropractor ASAP.

Perhaps Molly is reacting to your limitations as well. The mares I have known tend to tune in faster than the boys. 'Course my Boys--at least one of them--tend to be more tuned into themselves than the rest of the world. *G*

I think, as I recall, that the accomplishment of leading into the other arena was that you were able to mount her on your own afterwards. That seems to have improved enormously.

Claire said...

jean, that sort of twist is bound to be a bother.... also bothers my lower back as well .... ergonomically, NOT a good position to be!

allaroundhorses said...

I love the name of your blog!

Cabruze said...

Have you watched Richard Hinrichs doing in-hand work? He faces forwards. So do I unless we're going sideways.

P teaches to face whichever way is more comfortable for us: backwards, forwards or sideways.

Claire said...

jane, yes i have - he faces forwards, but his body is not totally facing front .. there is a twist!

PMG says the same, and I have of course seen Becky Holden work as well (have her on video...)