Thursday, April 02, 2009

no key

last night as i was locking (well, trying to lock)the tack room door, which lock is one of those double lock ones and a shade sticky, my key for the same broke. which meant, since there was no one about when i got there tonight, I couldn't do a lot.

Having said that, the fog was rolling in - i'd been able to see it coming from the sea, and bearing in mind we're about 10 miles from the coast, i expect a foggy damp night - and molly and her mate, last 2 out, were desperate to be in. I did vaguley think about lunging for exercise from the bitless bridle, but decided not to.

so i just fed her and left again.

new key will turn up once one has been cut, sooner rather than later!


Jean said...

Oh, my! Good thing the key didn't break in the lock and get stuck. Then everyone would have been in trouble.

Some days thing just don't work out as planned. Hope you didn't get stuck driving in the fog. That could be dangerous.

Cabruze said...

We got your fog this morning! Quite chilly!

Nicola said...

Yep it was foggy here this morning but then turned into a lovely day:)