Saturday, April 18, 2009

even RI struggled

to sit the kangaroo hopping ..

Molly was tense from the off, so we struggled.

started with shoulder in right rein, to give me control of the shoulder...hopefully, how to do that will now sink in to my brain, i('ve done it before on queenie, but can never remember....)

that at least helps me keep her away from the fence LOL

we did that both direction for a while, all in walk, then pushed her up to trot...

left rein first since it's usually the better rein, but taking a good while to get her right.

was able to keep my leg long - put the ariat long boots on, for some reason they help me keep my leg right, recent difficulty has really been when wearing short boots and chaps..

anyway, right rein - no way Jose! kangarooing....could not get it

anyway, we had planned a 1/2 lesson 1/2 RI got her hat and got on ..

and had the same trouble as me
i was able to video RI's ride (misssed a couple of bits, you know what it's like when you're trying to watch and video)

i see what people mean when they talk about the horse curling back...she was doing that, and going above the bit as well, and then kangaroo hopping, and when RI got trot, you could certainly see why someone would think she was lame when she isn't .. .jsut tense for some reason..

then i got back on .... and after 5 minutes we decided to just concentrate on getting a nice soft walk, as we were getting nowhere with trot...

we wonder if she's in season?

she didn't want any sort of leg aid, tenser than she's been for a good while.

been in all day (is going to be in all week until after we've moved) but that sholdn't be a problem, it didn't cause and issue when she was in for weeks in the winter with her mud fever..

anyway, i'm going to put the video on the pc and study it, and RI will come round one day and study it...


so i guess the main thing I got out of today was a reminder of how to do shoulder in, which i needed....and that's about it.


Jean said...

Have we talked about Molly as an ulcer candidate? I could explain some of her erratic tension. You seem to have eliminated physical/joint/muscular issues. Just a thought.

It always helps when the RI has trouble too. Makes you feel is if you are not riding that badly after all! *G*

Claire said...

we haven't talked about it, but i have thought about it odd times (largely when you and caroline have been discussing it). a possibility, and she seems to have lost weight ATM which may be related....

Cabruze said...

You could see if ranitidine makes any difference (cheap OTC for stomach acid). If it does then it'd probably be worth getting her scoped.

If she was fine on one rein and not the other my first thought would be that she's finding that particular exercise too hard. Good idea to go back to walk. Perhaps also try the same in-hand?

Nicola said...

Will be interesting to watch the video back to have another look at whats going on,I learn a lot from watching myself.