Saturday, April 11, 2009

canter improving

on the lunge on the right rein, she was offering it.

on the left .. nuts. i cannot get it, she cannot get it, miscommunication beween us. i think there's a lot to do with balance on either rein...dunno. RI was in next arena so i anticipate some tipes on that one when we havce time....

anyway, tomorrow I have a lunge lesson myself, on Del-Boy, a big 16hh 3" or more wide well set up animal belonging to another livery owner...and RI says i'm going to canter.

the only thing is, of course - this being to help with my position - it's a totally different horse and a totally different saddle. ah well.

and, of course, the parcel i was waiting for, new shims, arrived whilst we were in chester le street, was too big for the letterbox they say, and i can't get it now until tuesday... phoeey.

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Nicola said...

Good luck with the lunge lesson tomorrow...despite it being on a different horse it will benefit you being able to concentrate purely on your position.