Wednesday, April 29, 2009


of my mare.... she would not be parted from the other mares in the field.

it's a huge field, uphill, and they were on the flat bit at the top, from where you cannot see the field gate...

this was taken just into the field from the gate - straight up under that branch in the way, and then up and onto the flat that can't be seen!

when i first caught her, that was fine ... until we got over the brow of the hill so she could no longer see the others and then i was in trouble. i did not have my gloves, my hat, or my pressure halter, and we were on a fairly steep hill ... circling her was all very well, but she was getting more and more aerated so the safest thing was let her go .. whereupon she cantered back to the others!

i went back up and caught her up again, but she was even less inclined to walk away..

and if I had got her to the gate, the track down from there is even steeper and SERIOUSLY slippy even in the dry... after the last day and half rain, it would not be the place to be with an excited horse!

you can see from this pic how steep it is up to the field gate...

and back down again...

so, next time i'll go armed with all the equipment, and if no one else is bringing their mare in (which would be the ideal, of course!) i'll probably take her out the very top and walk her down through harbour house and round to my yard that way .. with the pressure halter and 12 foot line, i would at least have control!

eventually, of course, she will realise she gets to go back out again, i'm sure it's just because she's worried she'll get kept in again (plus, of course, she doesn't want to leave the grass, LOL)

so no work done since last week - and none tomorrow, as i have a meeting after work.


trudi said...

Oh how frustrating for you. My three get quite uppity if one is brought in on it's own. It's tricky with such a hike to the field for you. It's a very scenic spot though!!

Kate said...

When we have a new horse come to our barn, it is common for them to become very herd bound - I think it's out of relief that they know their place in the world again after moving to a new place. It should resolve after a while if you consistently work with her - good luck!

Di said...

She'll calm down Claire, she just needs to settle in. It looks like a beautiful place.

Mary Lou said...

Perhaps no riding work but you learned that you need more controlling equipment to handle her. That's a worth while experience. When I anticipate Tetley being anxious I bridle him in the field. He is always calm there and is a breeze to bridle. I have so much more control with the bridle on. On the days when you don't need her perhaps you could just go out and feed her treats and she will look forward to that.

You will just have to put up with her anxiety for a little while.

Cabruze said...

On a positive note! Great that Molly likes her new girlfriends!
Agree with Kate though - probably a little bit insecure after her move.

You take care of yourself on those steep tracks!

Jean said...

She should settle in after a bit. It is a beautiful place, though. No wonder she doesn't want to come in!! *G*

You have the equipment to handle her just fine. I am sure you will figure it out.