Saturday, December 01, 2007


good weather!

the forecast led me to believe that this afternoon would be wet - whilst it was a very close thing, and Molly and i did spend a couple of minutes sheltering in the lee of the machine shed, it stayed dry.

We did about 55 minutes work - mostly in the arena (another attempt to get beyond the house stymied by meeting the old lady again, my timing is pants! but at least we stood still, and i did get a back up out of it)

Did a lot of nice work, lot of trot walk trot transitions, lot of circles, small and large, and the walk at the end was really good.

at the beginning i was keeping my hands high, but my arms were tired at the end but oddly she was really moving under me. at that point, my hips were really open and today I could feel my left seatbone a lot.

I think, you know, i've been really favouring that broken foot when riding as well as walking - possibly more! - so thinking about not favouring is helping.

Cat got taken to the vet this morning, was pretty good for him, yet more antibiotics and he's to go back in 10 days....

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Jean said...

Good workout, aside from the return of the elderly lady.

Sometimes you need to concentrate on only one part of your own body at a time in order to fix things. Maybe getting your ankle/foot in place will help your overall balance and seat too.

Glad the weather cooperated on the weekend for a change. *S*