Thursday, December 27, 2007


out today for flu boosters for Molly & charlie.

Poor girl was on call Christmas day - had to PTS 2 (one slipped on ice and broke a leg, the other a toxic colic belonging to a child!) and 2 other colics and one other emergency admission....

how horrid!

So molly was good for her jab. I was going to clip - now bear in mind my blades for the large clippers have only been used once, and then only to do half the horse - they were blunt. burgers.

Then i went and did some rope circling. Haven't been doing as much of that as I should, and really must get back into a routine of doing much more groundwork = longlining, in hand if i can get the hang of it without twisting myself into a spasm! - and rope circling. I think it went off the boil with the severe cold and very dark nights we had before christmas..

kirstie in the next box had her instructor out, who also is a qualified saddle fitter so we had an interesting discussion about the fit or otherwise of saddles. had some horror stories of horses whose (treed) saddles had been far too narrow for them...she generally, she says, fits saddle company saddles.


Jean said...

Pretty pictures below. Lovely scenery.

And a good contact out of the loss of your friend. I'm sure she would be happy about it.

Poor vet. Must have been a miserable Christmas. Those kinds of catastrophes have to be the hardest part of the job.

The short days and cold weather make it hard to keep up a routine working the horses. I understand completely.

minky said...

Yes im making a concious effort to not forgo the groundwork with AliG now that I can ride him..I really believe its making a difference and I actually enjoy it!

Wonder why your blades are going blunt so quickly mine do a good few clips before they need sharpening?

Claire said...

think they've been sitting in a cupboard at the yard for too long..