Friday, December 28, 2007


holiday weather! Got the midwinter clip done, just (still need to do her face), then the heavens opened....Had molly been doing a raindance? probably! and it's not the tidiest clip in the world, but at least its done and that's that until next year. She'll be a good bit more comfortable at least...


minky said...

Thats my job tomorrow re-do Polo's clip..tempted to take a little off AliG just to see how he reacts!

Jean said...

Tucker still thinks the clippers are the "jaws of death." Toby is fine, but I don't think I'll clip. Even if they sweat, since they are home, it's an easy fix to dress them in a cooler and wait for them to dry.

Really do need to teach Tucker about the clippers, though. It is an important lesson he needs to learn.

bertie_m said...

Has the weather been bad down by you?

It's been quite nice up here. Only rained at night for the last couple of days, so the girls have had time to dry out during the day.

Good thing that I don't need to teach them about the clippers for another couple of years, my clipping skills are lacking :P

Claire said...

hey stephanie!

yes, we've had good weather throughout the holiday, save for being very cold! until yesterday.

you know you have to start your own blog when you start working the girls?

bertie_m said...

Hah, Maria (chapsi) wants me to start one now.

I shall see. It may be useful to have it written down while it's happening so that I can refer back to it.

What happens to all the posts when they fall off the bottom of the page?

Claire said...

automatically archived - check out mine! right back to the beginning.

I think of it a bit like an interactive diary, with input from friends.

partner reckons its like those social networking sites, but i don't think it is... dunno about anyone else, but i think we all run training diaries and get help as we go along from each other. but make friends as well!