Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Molly in the mirror

Hurray, got away from work on time (client I'd arranged to ring at 16:50 had his phone switched off so I gave up at 5!) and the weather was not at all bad - even got warmer as the evening went on, no wind and not frosty!
so i decided to try a bit of the in-hand work that Emma was trying (that being the operative word) to teach me. It isn't good for the back/neck (mine, that is!) and shoudl have dug the back support at least out of the car, it's in there somewhere.

Now, she's thinking when she sees me she should get a treat, so i had to get her out of that, but pretty good to get the bridle on (only took me a couple of attempts!).

in the arena - i don't think i've fully got it yet. not surprising. but we DID get some nice steps of shoulder in, which i had in fact asked for (TBH, thought i'd just asked for shoulder fore, but got shoulder in, so I did too much but rewarded that, anyway!).Apart from working hard at that, i'm going to have to work at her "knowing" she only gets a treat for getting it right - and then of course, sometimes i don't quite know that she has.

we'll get there, i was quite pleased.

and in the mirror? i was taking some photos of her back...
not bad with a mobile phone indoors in a stable!

and here is her ear - i was trying to take an eye, but she wanted to know if the phone was a treat of some description


Jean said...

Well, now, that is quite a lovely ear. I usually get big fat noses in my photo attempts. And ear is nice. *G*

minky said...

Yes its definately got milder ..althought thats now brings mud:(

Muriel said...

AAA the carrot-mobile phone. To day a young horse thought that my sunglasses were a carrot ...

cptrayes said...

yes .... lovely ear ... not quite in focus, but heck lets not split hairs :-)