Sunday, December 30, 2007

choices, choices

choice between in hand or lungeing. After the hard work my foot got yesterday, I decided on lungeing (as at least I don't have to walk anywhere!) and it would be interesting to see if any progress had been made on getting Molly lunging right rein.

Pleasing to say, progress had been made, in that she did it, twice - once without and once with side reins - about 5 minutes each rein, with and without. Rushing a bit on the right of course, it will be some time before she doesn't, but i was very pleased.

in hand tomorrow, I think. in the daylight (it's much easier when you can see where you are going!) assuming it don't rain.


Jean said...

Long lined today myself, but it is hard on the knees. I'd hate to think how it must be on a bad foot.

Still the lunging shows promise. Molly goes to the right! A true accomplishment. Good job.

minky said...

Funny how she's got such a thing about going right..AliGs the same but its more obvious in the groundwork rather than when you lunge him.

cptrayes said...

You're still on hols then Claire, or finishing very early!


Claire said...

office is closed today! go back wednesday - and then take most of that day off for jenny's funeral, i hope!