Saturday, December 08, 2007


yesterday there was nothing to talk about save the howling gales, and the £67 i spent on plants ... ouchy. I was going round saying i'll have this that and the other (a fair few at £1.50 and the most expensive was only £7) - amazing how it clocks up... and a lot half price as well.

Today was much more interesting though - harrogate, for Heather Moffett/Richard Maxwell demo - Max was riding Jo for Heather's demo, and it was excellent. I took loads of video, which will take a while to sort out as I have an analogue camcorder, not a digital, which makes it more difficult to put on the PC. plus, I thought i was starting at the beginning of a blank tape, but found half way through in fact i'd not, so had to change tapes.

but really good, that'll be really good to review and review...

Max remembered me, which was impressive considering the number of people he must meet! he'd brought his wife & sons as well, so good to meet them.

Had to buy new pad for under saddle - not enough shimming, which i'd rather thought, and heather recommended (of the three options available, suberpad, memory foam wither pad, mattes correction pad) the latter, so that was to pick up and pay for, ouchy.

and of course managed to spend money on other stuff as well, more ouchy. wouldn't have been so bad if I'd remember during my three days off to pay the expenses cheque into the bank!!! gorgeous jacket at a really good price, a new broom (an odd thing to buy, but we decided, looking at them, that they'll be really good on straw/shavings/hay - one of those rubber ones, stuff won't get stuck in the bristles like with an ordinary broom) and only 2 for £ one for the house as well.

and met Emma, the teacher from Wednesday, and a couple of other people, one of whom came here last night to pick up the Barefoot Cheyenne she'd bought from me.

so it was good to have company, nothing worse than an event on your own!!!!!

so good day - and good to be indoors, the weather after a cold but lovely and bright start turned horridly wet with snow in it, eugh.

and then got in the house, and remembered there was a reason i'd thought about calling at sainsbury's (there is one as you leave the Great Yorkshire Showground ) - a lack of milk. i shall have to go to the shop before i can have my second cup of tea....


minky said...

Hey hope you left some bargains for me....

Jean said...

And a good day was had by all--including your pocketbook. Nothing like a spending spree to brighten up a snowy day.

Now I think I'll go make a cup of tea. At least I have the milk. *S*