Sunday, December 02, 2007


i had got up at the crack of dawn and gone out without my breakfast ... i could have ridden.

but i didn't, as clearly my body needed the sleep, and given last Saturday's mishap which I'm sure was to do with lack of breakfast I needed to eat that .... so by the time I'd done that it was p*******g down, and didn't stop all day

and just to keep me happy, when I did get molly in this evening and took her rug off - it had leaked. I think it has leaked where it was mended, so that needs reproofing.... so that was annoying. which means also i shall have to waste 5 minutes in the morning rug changing (we have all given that up, they keep their outdoor rugs on generally ... what with all the rubber matting, plus the time saving!)

hopefully it'll be dry tomorrow...forecast looking good for wednesday!

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Jean said...

Not so nice weather here either.

Sometimes you just need to rest. There will be better weather days to enjoy riding.